The 15 Best Splash Pads in and Near Salt Lake City

When it’s too hot outside to handle, all you want to do is stay where the air-conditioner is and just chill. But what happens when the little ones start to get bored of being inside the house?
Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes and bustling city life of Salt Lake City, a hidden gem awaits those in search of respite from the relentless summer heat: the enchanting world of splash pads.
Salt Lake City and its surroundings are home to amazing aquatic playgrounds for the whole family to enjoy on a summer day, especially kids.
Offering a perfect blend of cooling refreshment and adventure, splash pads feature interactive fountains, playful sprays, and more which makes them a beloved activity in the community.

Salt Lake City and its surroundings offer great options to cool off and have a fun time during summer, without breaking the bank!
Join us as we explore the top splash pads in and near Salt Lake City, where laughter, splashes, and memories await! 


700 N 2200 W, Layton, UT 84041

Ellison Park

This splash pad in Layton is so worth the ride from Salt Lake City! This amazing water playground has over 20 water spray features, including a soaker water cannon, a water umbrella, a water dragon, and ground-level water elements for kids of all ages.


5875 S. 1175 E, Ogden, UT

South Ogden Nature Park & Splash Pad

The splash pad at South Ogden Nature Park is simply awesome. Kids will find many water features, including fountains that shoot from the ground, spritzers, water guns, and buckets! Next to the splash pad, there are parks for kids of all ages: one for the youngest one, and the other for the bid kids.

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