This wasn’t easy. Utah has many breathtaking views and places where you can enjoy nature and relax for a nice picnic with the family. From places surrounded by nature to spots located right in the city, there are many perfect options to have lunch in a unique way. Check out our favorite spots near Salt Lake City to enjoy a picnic with your family

Where: 239 S Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Hours: Monday- Friday 8 AM- 5 PM

Let’s first start with a place not so far from the city, the Gallivan Center.

You will get to enjoy a picnic in the expanded grassy amphitheater, go for a casual stroll, and also enjoy an ice rink, art projects, a live performance, and so much more!

Where: 300 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Hours: Daily, 9 AM- 9 PM

Visit this 21 acres of developed garden and five miles of beautiful hiking trails!

You can go for a stroll with the family and sit on the picnic areas you’ll find along the way. The whole family will love having lunch surrounded by gardens!

Tibble Fork Reservoir/Silver Lake

Where: American Fork Canyon, Utah

This beautiful place is the perfect spot for a family picnic while you enjoy breathtaking views of nature!

It also offers a wide variety of activities such as hiking, fishing, horseback riding, camping, and more!

South Box Elder Picnic Area

Where: Millcreek Canyon Rd Salt Lake City, UT 84109

Have an amazing day with the family exploring the canyon and the many picnic areas you’ll find in the way! Afterward, you can enjoy some hiking and many amazing views of nature with your loved ones!

Sugar House Park

Where: 1330 2100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Hours: Summer: 7 AM- 10 PM | Winter: 7 AM- 9 PM

This amazing regional park is considered a ‘’crown jewel’’ and it features 110.5 acres of rolling green space for families to enjoy beautiful picnics and moments while you watch the seagulls!

Blacksmith Fork Canyon

Where: Blacksmith Fork Canyon, Utah

Besides the mind-blowing views, Blacksmith Fork Canyon offers pretty scenic picnic areas for the entire family to enjoy lunch surrounded by amazing views and nature.

A top spot when it comes to picnics!

Eagle Park

Where: Blossom Ct, Saratoga Springs, UT 84045

The entire family will have a blast enjoy a picnic with views of Utah Lake and Mount Timpanogos!

There is a lot of green space for kids to run around and play as they enjoy nature!

Bridal Veil Falls

Where: Provo Canyon, Utah

Is there a more beautiful way to have a picnic with your loved ones than one in this setting?

You’ll enjoy fantastic views of waterfalls, nature, and wildlife. Then you can all enjoy some hiking or a slow walk admiring nature.

Liberty Park

Where: 600 900 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105
Hours: Daily, 8 AM- 11 PM

Liberty Park offers picnic tables and many big trees that will give you the perfect shadow for a picnic with your loved ones!

Kids can enjoy the playground and the sports field, and everyone can do some walking too!

Beus Pond

Where: Beus Pond Park, Ogden, UT

As the name states, you will find a nice pond in this amazing park to sit by and have a great picnic!

Kids will love feeding the ducks as they enjoy nature. Exploring this park is a must too!