Mini chefs around Salt Lake City will have a lot of fun during these cooking classes!

The kitchen is a place where you can create memories with your loved ones, as well as an activity that keeps the little ones entertained and learning. Memories and hands-on learning aren’t the only benefits of kids learning how to cook, either; they’ll also get to hone certain skills like good hygiene habits, staying focused on one task without getting distracted too easily, and being attentive to detail—all things which will help them grow up into adults who are better prepared to tackle life’s challenges head on!

Let’s take a look at some of the best places for your mini chefs around this beautiful city:

Where: 1867 Skyline DrSouth Ogden, UT 84403

Spoon & Spatula offers classes for all ages, including Kids and Teens classes.

You will find an assortment of classes to help your child learn how to cook. Classes are very hands-on and packed with information and fun! Most students do weekly classes that they attend once a week and pay on a monthly basis. Kids can also do drop-ins where they pick and choose which classes they want from the weekly options as long as there are spots available. There also are seasonal kids camps on Saturdays once or twice a month and in the summer.

Where: 94 N Fort Lane, Layton UT 84041

Busy Bee Co. was created to teach kids basic life skills. Little ones will enjoy cooking classes, sewing classes, and art classes, as well as the Busy Bee Preschool.

Cooking classes are divided by age and include Tot’s Table (ages 3-6); Kid Foodie Class (ages 6-10); Homeschool Kid Foodie Class (ages 6-10); T(w)een Foodie Class (ages 11-14); Homeschool T(w)een Foodie Class (ages 11-14); and more!

Where: 2233 South 300 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Salt Lake Culinary Center offers classes for all ages and is the premiere cooking school for home cooks, kids, and teens in the area!

 You will find Junior Chefs classes for ages 8-12 years old and Teen classes for ages 13-17 which reinforce academic skills, expand a child’s palate, increase kitchen proficiency, and develop a lifelong love of cooking and baking while cultivating healthy habits.

The Baking Hive offers at-home baking classes that are designed for kids ages 4-14 years of age with the younger kids needing some help from siblings/parents/grandparents.

The Baking Hive Kids Club is yummy-fun for the whole family!

Where: Multiple locations around Salt Lake City

At Harmons Cooking School, seasoned chefs impart the best techniques for turning an ordinary meal into a culinary work of art.

You will find many options for Junior Chef classes!

Where: 4880 S Highland Cir, Salt Lake City, UT

The Finishing School has over 35 years of teaching the basic principles of cooking, sewing, and life skills to children and adults.

The school has an established program that provides an outstanding place for learning these valuable home-living skills. Hundreds of youth as well as adults have been privileged to receive instruction at the school and have experienced the opportunity to develop creativity and confidence in their talents.