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Penguin Encounters

These encounters at the Aquariums are one-of-a-kind opportunities that bring you up close and behind the scenes to learn directly from the animal keepers. You will walk away with a greater fascination and connection to these special creatures.

Meeting the Gentoo penguins up close is truly a unique and fun adventure. First, visitors will participate in fun activities while learning all about Gentoo penguins – where they are from, what they eat, their adaptations for survival in an Antarctic habitat, and more – in an educational setting. Then, your family will suit up in Penguin Encounter parkas, with gloves and boots, and go behind the scenes to meet the playful penguins up close.
The penguins will waddle into the Penguin Encounter room from their habitat, and you’ll have the opportunity to feed them capelin fish by hand.

Animals are a total hit among kids! If there’s a plan involving visiting a furry friend, you bet kids will be up to it!
The perfect plan for a family day has to be visiting exotic and native animals! Choose from amazing zoos, aquariums, farms, and many other unique options where you can be in contact with nature and beautiful animal species! Check out the Best Places to See Animals in Utah and let us know which one was your favorite!


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Loveland Living Planet Aquarium
12033 Lone Peak Pkwy
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